Citizens Reserve

Citizens Reserve allows you to:

Temporarily  place your Citizens Phone, Internet and Television services on hold

Secure your phone number, email address, TV programming package

Utilize only portions of your service as needed (example: email access)

Use for a minimum of one month to put services on hold; no maximum reserve time period

Use Reserve Service two times a year without additional fees

Reduce monthly invoice. Individual and bundled services will be billed at a rate of $10 per service/per month.

Avoid breaking 12-month agreement and incurring Early Term Fees

Save time from returning equipment

Avoid Reconnect Fees

Reactivate service easily by calling within 3 – 5 business days of return


Minimum 1 month required placing on Account/Services on Reserve

Maximum allowance: 2 times per calendar year without additional expense.

Individual and Bundled services billed monthly at $10 per service

Bundles that are Disconnected to avoid charge will incur Early Term Fees and require equipment to be returned.


Account billed at $10 per service per month regardless of the number of days the service is actually operational.

Minimum 1 month; no maximum time period

Early Termination fees apply to unbundled accounts; customer required to return the equipment

$10.00 service order fee for an account using Reserve more than two times a year

Services disconnected to avoid paying $10 per service/per month will incur $199 Activation Fee upon Reconnect regardless of credit rating