Where can I download the CommandIQ app?

Download the CommandIQ app from either the Google Play store or Apple App Store. Search for CommandIQ
to find the correct app.

What should my Wi-Fi name and password be?

Your Wi-Fi (SSID) name should be something unique and that you remember. You will likely not want to
change your Wi-Fi name and password often as you would have to reconnect all the devices in your home
after changing the name.

Are the Wi-Fi names (SSID) case sensitive?

Yes, Wi-Fi SSID names are case sensitive.

I accidentally put my phone into a parental control profile and turned it off, now I cannot turn it back on. What should I do?

Simply turn off Wi-Fi on your phone and wait for it to connect to the cellular network. You can then enter the
app and select the checkmark icon to turn your profile back on. We would recommend that you remove your
phone from the profile if you do not want to accidentally turn yourself off.

Please visit to download the PDF file to see how Command IQ can put you in command of the internet in your home