Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Citizens is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Employee Benefits

Citizens maintains a rich benefit program in terms of the wide array of benefits offered. Below is a brief overall of benefits available for full time employees.

Health Plan, Dental, Vision Care

Other Benefits

— Short Term Disability Plan
— Educational Assistance Program
— Employee Assistance Program (confidential counseling and on-site educational seminars on topics such as stress management)
— Flexible Spending Accounts (Health Care and Dependent Care)
— Retirement and Savings Plans
— Group Term Life and AD & D
— Business Travel Accident
— Long Term Disability
— Cancer & Specified Disease Plan
— Long Term Care

Join a company that offers history, growth, and a true commitment to community.

There's a wealth of opportunity at Citizens. We are a stable and progressive company that has spanned over 110 years.

What Employees Say About Our Company

  • The culture at Citizens is one that supports giving service and respect to its customers and its employees
  • Customer service is the first priority as evidenced by our mission statement
  • Resources are committed to employee learning with a balance placed on technical (technology) and behavioral skills (customer service and team work skills)
  • Compensation approaches are competitive within our job market and within our region
  • Benefits program is rich for employees and their families
  • High emphasis is placed on employee and community safety
  • Employees exhibit a cooperative spirit in helping each other succeed
  • Forward thinking and use of the new technologies keep employees challenged professionally
  • Communication is open and honest regarding company goals and expectations

Our Values are Our People

Citizens is committed to fulfilling its mission of providing quality customer service. This requires positioning People as the first priority, maintaining high Ethics, providing Outstanding Service, being open to Possibilities, demonstrating Leadership, and aiming for Excellence in all of our practices.


  • Customers satisfaction is the first priority
  • Employees' caring and skill is the key to our success
  • Citizens encourages community involvement


  • We convey integrity and honesty in all of our business and professional practices and interactions
  • We honor and respect the privacy and confidentially of all customers and all teammates
  • We earn and maintain trust through actions and behaviors
  • We work to ensure the highest degree of safety and security in the work environment
  • We always follow through on commitments to customers and to each other
  • We display compassion and empathy to our customers and co-workers

Outstanding Service

  • Customers receive service that conveys appreciation, personal attention, respect, courtesy, timeliness, accuracy, reliability, accessibility and convenience
  • We function as one seamless team
  • We value collaboration with others
  • We obtain customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations
  • We make a positive impression
  • We are solution finders
  • We support the customer during and after the sale
  • We always think first about doing what is right for the customer


  • We challenge the status quo and break down barriers
  • Citizens embraces technology and innovation
  • We celebrate creativity and open-minded thinking
  • We encourage and support responsible risk-taking and initiative
  • We welcome growth, adversity, and change
  • We are adaptive and flexible to varying needs


  • We celebrate our successesWe act with accountability, ownership and responsibility
  • Everyone has the capability and capacity to lead
  • We focus on open, honest communications
  • We energize and inspire each other
  • We recognize and support whoever owns the final decision
  • Citizens provides a rapid response to opportunity and competition
  • We share knowledge and ideas
  • Citizens provides clear vision and expectations
  • We encourage open sharing of different views
  • Citizens rewards meeting and exceeding individual and company goals
  • We wisely use our available resources


  • We focus on creating and maintaining reliable, streamlined, and integrated processes and systems
  • We deliver outstanding results
  • We know the customer, the competition, the industry, and the markets
  • We focus on corporate-wide success
  • We will apply our full talents and best efforts for the advancement of the organization
  • Continuous improvement
  • We build on our successes and learn from our mistakes
  • We believe in persistence and perseverance
  • We take pride in delivering quality products and services
  • We value sustained long-term growth and profitability


Diversity is the mosaic of people who bring a variety of backgrounds, skills and abilities, work styles, perspectives, values and beliefs that can be used within work groups to accomplish the company mission.

Valuing diversity means viewing our differences as opportunities to learn and grow together; seeing stereotypes about people for what they are (limiting in seeing the worth in others); and getting beyond prejudices to appreciate the uniqueness of each other.

This is the mindset around diversity that Citizens wants its employees to have when representing our company whether it is in interactions with our customers or our team members.

Our goal is to always convey respect and to allow dignity to those we serve.