Channel Lineup

Customize your Citizens service with TV channel packages to suit your household.

We are migrating away from traditional cable television service to new TV IPTV technology by offering SFN TV Now powered by Citizens. TV Now is loaded with the nation's most requested programming at a lower cost for most customers.

The TV Now Essential package is only $29.95/month and contains 40 channels including all the local channels for our region, news, weather, and more.

Add sports, children's programming to make The Premium package for only $79.95/month. This package compares to our former Crest package with 138 channels.

Movie lovers will enjoy the Ultimate TV Now package that includes Starz/Encore, The Movie Channel and Showtime along with the channels in Essentials and Premium packages for only $99.95 a month.

Check out the channel lineups and switch to SFN TV Now powered by Citizens.

Below you will find links to the channel listings for our various packages. Lineups for traditional TV services remain as a convenience for our TV customers.

SFN TV Now Lineup

40 channels including locals, weather, and more

SFN Essential (Alphabetical)
SFN Essential (Numerical)

138 of the nation's most requested channels

SFN Premium (Alphabetical)
SFN Premium (Numerical)

159 channels including movie channels

SFN Ultimate (Alphabetical)
SFN Ultimate (Numerical)

Analog TV Lineup

Analog Basic (Alphabetical)
Analog Basic (Numerical)
Analog Standard (Alphabetical)
Analog Standard (Numerical)

Digital TV Lineup

Crest (Alphabetical)
Crest (Numerical)
Signature (Alphabetical)
Signature (Numerical)
Digital Basic (Alphabetical)
Digital Basic (Numerical)
HD (Alphabetical)
HD (Numerical)
Fiber HD (Alphabetical)
Fiber HD (Numerical)
Premium Movies (Alphabetical)
Premium Movies (Numerical)
Music (Alphabetical)
Music (Numerical)

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*Not all packages available in all areas, contact Citizens for details