TV Advertising

CCTV Advertising

Sports Sponsor

Advertise the entire school year

Advertise the entire school year

Includes professionally produced
30 second commercial

  • Commercial will run at least 1 time during the game
    ($4.41 per game)
  • Over 4,000 household viewership


Business Card AD

Advertise the entire school year

  • August - May; ALL sports; 136 games
  • Over 4,000 household viewership


Coaches Show Sponsor

  • Business Card Ad or provided 30 second commercial provided by Sponsor.
  • Weekly Show

Add On-screen Logo per show ($49)


On-screen Logo Per Game

  • Select your game, first come, first claim
  • Your logo shows on screen the entire game


One Sport Business Card AD

Pick a sport (boys or girls)

  • Runs during the intro & closing of the program
  • Ad will air in every game for the chosen sport season


Half Time Sponsor

  • Home football games only. Select your game. First come, first claim.


Monthly CCTV Program – Do you have an interesting show idea for CCTV that your business would like to sponsor? This sponsorship includes a 30-minute monthly show on CCTV.

Business Showcase – Showcase your business within a professionally produced 15 minute business spotlight that will air 3 times in one week plus an additional bonus week on Citizens TV!

Promote Your Business - on Citizens Bulletin Board Channel 23

  • $30 per week
  • $100 per month

For pricing and more information
call Josh at 540.745.9552
or view the full list of CCTV offerings here!

CCTV Individual Show Advertising Agreement

Affordable. Professional. Targeted. Local. Cable Advertising

Cable advertising is the most effective and affordable way to advertise your business! With cable advertising, you are able to target your audience in a direct way. Let your local Prime Media representative help you choose from quality networks on Citizens Cablevision Networks like ESPN, Fox News Channel, Lifetime Network, and TNT.

For information on affordable, professional, targeted local advertising on Citizens Cablevision, contact your Prime Media representative today!

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Prime Media
Phone: 276.971.5282