TV Advertising

CCTV Advertising

Sports Sponsor

Advertise the entire school year

Advertise the entire school year

Includes professionally produced
30 second commercial

  • Commercial will run at least 1 time during the game
    ($4.41 per game)
  • Over 4,000 household viewership


Business Card AD

Advertise the entire school year

  • August - May; ALL sports; 136 games
  • Over 4,000 household viewership


Coaches Show Sponsor

  • Business Card Ad or provided 30 second commercial provided by Sponsor.
  • Weekly Show

Add On-screen Logo per show ($49)


On-screen Logo Per Game

  • Select your game, first come, first claim
  • Your logo shows on screen the entire game


One Sport Business Card AD

Pick a sport (boys or girls)

  • Runs during the intro & closing of the program
  • Ad will air in every game for the chosen sport season


Half Time Sponsor

  • Home football games only. Select your game. First come, first claim.


Monthly CCTV Program – Do you have an interesting show idea for CCTV that your business would like to sponsor? This sponsorship includes a 30-minute monthly show on CCTV.

Business Showcase – Showcase your business within a professionally produced 15 minute business spotlight that will air 3 times in one week plus an additional bonus week on Citizens TV!

Promote Your Business - on Citizens Bulletin Board Channel 23

  • $30 per week
  • $100 per month

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CCTV Individual Show Advertising Agreement