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Need FAST Internet and CONNECTIVITY for the entire family? You need CitiZip!

Citizens CitiZip offers speeds to accommodate your family's connectivity needs. CitiZip is the perfect solution for multi-device families.

  • Stream movies and music
  • Shop and play games online
  • Work and study at home
  • Download and upload files all at the same time.

Equip your home with CitiZip Internet and WiFi for the best online experience, for your SmartHome devices, your home security cameras, and more!

All Plans Include

  • 5 1GB email accounts
  • Webmail
  • File storage & photo sharing
  • Additional dialup access

Have questions? We have answers.

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WiFi is no longer an 'option' or an 'extra' for most homes. WiFi has become very important for connectivity of multiple devices in our homes. Just think of all the devices in YOUR home; laptops, tablets, SmartPhones, readers, etc.

You need a wireless connection that is reliable and secure AND someone to call should you need assistance.

Citizens Whole Home WiFi is your answer for an affordable, secure and reliable WiFi connection. Your cost? Only $4.95 a month.

Individual Static IP Addresses are available for only $5.00 per month with an active Citizens account. Blocks of IP addresses are available to Business subscribers.

For your privacy protection and security, Citizens representatives will ask you for your CPNI PIN or account password when you contact us about your account. For more information about our CPNI policy visit

*Not available in all areas. Contact Citizens for full details and availability. Click here For more information.
All services not available in all areas. All rates exclude applicable taxes, surcharges and franchise fees. All programming and rates are subject to change without notice. Offers and services are subject to prior credit approval. Activation, installation and/or first month payment may be required.
Other restrictions may apply. Bundle requires 1-year commitment. Bundle prices include discount for use of electronic billing, auto payment from bank or credit card account. If online services are not used and printed invoice is requested, a $1.50 fee will be added to bill, $1.50 will be added to
bill if auto payment option is not used. Actual Internet connection speed and upload speed may vary due to various factors including network congestion and distance from subscriber to Citizens’ facilities. Surge protection of your AC and telephone line is strongly recommended. Standard install to
one location included; contact Citizens for additional and full Terms and Conditions.