Customer Bill of Rights

  • Expect to be treated as our top priority of the moment.
  •  Expect polite, courteous service.
  •  Expect personnel to be knowledgeable about Citizens products and services.
  •  Expect Citizens representatives to suggest additional products and services to benefit your individual needs.
  •  Expect any complaint, shortcoming or service trouble to be handled professionally and in a timely manner.
  •  Expect accurate and efficient billing and bookkeeping.
  •  Expect highest regard to be given to confidentiality and security to be used to protect account and personal information.
  •  Expect account information to be used solely for business purposes by Citizens and not released to outside sources without notification.
  •  Expect a safe environment to conduct business.
  •  Expect products and services to be presented in a clearly understandable manner and every effort taken to answer questions.
  •  Expect good-faith estimates of costs on products and services.

Expectations of Being a Citizens' Customer

  • Agree to treat employees of Citizens politely and courteously.
  •  Agree to promptly notify troubles or defects in services or equipment to Citizens.
  •  Agree to maintain safe environment in and around the home for service technicians to install and inspect company equipment.
  •  Agree to make a conscious effort to comply with all aspects of the service plan.
  •  Agree to keep account in good standing by being financially responsible for service.
  •  Agree to communicate and conduct business in a non-threatening or non-intrusive manner