Tina Osborne, Billing Specialist

At Citizens, Tina’s days are varied. Some days she focuses on reports, some days her focus is on cable agreements, and other days she may work on the telephone directory. She might even do all of these on a single day, but she does consistently answer billing phone calls and process service orders. Tina loves the variety in her job. She is very creative and lends her hand to marketing where she adds special touches for community events like Halloween, the Christmas Parade, and more.

What is your favorite thing to do on your off time?

Crafting–I like to make wreaths and flower arrangements, and I like to knit.

What is a little known fact about you?

I had a dislocated hip when I was born and was in a cast from my chest to my toes from the time I was 6 weeks old until I was about 6 months old.

How do you plan to use your Volunteer Time Off?

The Montgomery County Christmas Store.

Are you into podcasts or do you only listen to music? What do you listen to and why?

I listen to books on Audible. I love to read. Nothing helps me block out what is going on around me more than reading/listening to a book.

What is your favorite thing about your home?

I love the fact that my husband has put so much into it to make it a perfect home for us to live in. Everywhere I look, I see the things he has worked on, and it makes me love our house even more.

What was the last show you binge-watched? What made it interesting?

I am about halfway through Haven; I like a little supernatural to go along with my suspense.

What is the secret to a good life?

Being grateful for what God has given you and taking advantage of every opportunity that He provides for you.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done for fun?

That’s hard to answer. I was always afraid of everything growing up, even as a young adult, but now I want to do everything I can, no matter how scary it is. I would hate to miss out on something awesome just because I am scared. I am terrified of heights, but I recently parasailed and loved it!

Have you ever disliked something and then changed your mind?


Tell us about something on your bucket list.

I want to see Rockefeller Center at Christmas time. I love Christmas trees!

Tell us about a pet peeve you have.

I tried to pick just one, but I have too many. I guess I need to work on that?

What do you remember most about your first job?

I worked at the Floyd Foods where the Village Station is now. I remember liking the sense of responsibility I got from working and earning a paycheck.

What makes you feel most alive? 

Being at the beach or on the ocean. We started going to St. Pete, Florida a few years ago, and now I call it my happy place. There is something about it that makes me feel calm. It re-energizes me.