Chris Bond, Chief Financial Officer

Chris’ work day can vary quite a bit depending on the time of month and/or time of year. At the end of the day, he’s responsible for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the financial records for the Cooperative and its subsidiaries. He oversees the Accounting and Billing Departments and is thankful to have a great group of people to work with. Their hard work, knowledge, and great attitude makes his job a whole lot easier.

What is your favorite thing to do on your off time?

During my free time, I like to play golf, take our dog Bodhi for a walk, or spend time with my family and friends. I also find time to watch a good bit of TV.

Tell us about something on your bucket list.

Well, up until last year it was to attend the Masters golf tournament in Augusta. I was lucky enough to win their lottery and have the opportunity to purchase tickets. My son and I went to the Saturday round and it was just as awesome as it is on TV. It was cool being at the Masters that Tiger ended up winning. The Tiger roar is a real thing. I have always wanted to play in a World Series of Poker event out in Vegas. I think it would be cool to be in that atmosphere and see how my mediocre poker skills hold up in that setting.

What do you listen to?

Living about 2 minutes from work, I’m not in the car long enough to listen to much. I do listen to a couple of podcasts from time to time around the house. I like the Joe Rogan Experience, Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me, and there are a couple of Disney-related podcasts I listen to.

What is your favorite thing about your home?

My wife and I bought our home right before we got married, and it was still under construction. We have spent our entire time as a family with our kids in the same house. There are a ton of memories, especially of our kids growing up. Those mean a lot now that our daughter is in college at JMU, and our son is a sophomore in high school. Living in town is really nice as well.

What is the secret to a good life?

Be thankful for what you have. Life isn’t perfect for anyone, and it’s not healthy to always focus on the bad, or what isn’t going right, or what others have that you don’t. Try to focus on the good. Focus on what is going right and what you do have. But for me personally, faith in God has been most important.

What was the last show you binge-watched? What made it interesting?

My wife and I binge-watched the Last Kingdom on Netflix. Great story and a terrific cast. It was one of those shows that we would watch an episode and it would end on a cliffhanger, so we would stay up a little later to watch another one. That made getting out of bed difficult the next morning. Haha. We just recently binge watched Cobra Kai on Netflix as a family. I loved the old Karate Kid movies, so this show was right up my alley. A lot of nostalgia and it was fun to see how those old characters from the movie developed over the last 30+ years.

Tell us about a pet peeve you have.

Rude people.

Have you ever disliked something and then changed your mind?

Coffee. There are a lot of good coffees out there now, and I have even gotten to where I drink it with no cream or flavoring added.