Which Internet Speed is Right for You?

When it comes to discussing internet speeds, technical terms and acronyms can befuddle the best of us. Let’s take those terms away and focus on your needs.

If most of your internet activity involves watching video, checking email and otherwise collecting information and data from the web, you should mostly be concerned about your download speed .


Every Citizens internet subscriber receives exclusive access to ESPN3.com, a 24/7 destination that  delivers thousands of live, global sports events annually for fans online.

No Data Cap on our Internet - Internet providers nationwide have begun the practice of assessing
additional fees for internet power-users. That is, setting limits as to how much data consumers can upload
and download over the course of the billing cycle.

Other providers in our area limit usage at 100 GB for their base internet service before additional fees are incurred. When a standard definition 2 hour movie is 2.0 GB, the fees could add up quickly!

Citizens does not charge additional fees for data transfer.