We are expanding Citizip Gigabit (1Gbps) Fiber Internet to Your Area.
BUT, We Need to Know if You would like to have it at your Home.

Reply promptly no later than Monday, February, 28th!

Citizens is committed to providing advanced technology to local homes in our service territory. As a Cooperative, our pockets are not deep so we applied for, and have received, a grant to help in constructing fiber-optic 1Gbps Internet to residents in your area. This funding allows us to expand our service territory into areas of Floyd County that we do not currently serve.

Our plans are to begin construction in 2022, some areas are already underway and we are taking orders for installation. Other areas will be installed in 2023. Your prompt response will help us with planning and timelines for construction. We will keep you informed each step of the way.

Are you be interested in subscribing to Citizens CitiZip 1 Gbps Fiber Internet?

Grant terms for your location may allow us to include the Connection Fee ($399) and/or significant Aid in Construction for connections to homes over 1,000 feet. Contact Citizens for details regarding your location or refer to notice mailed to your home. For pricing information visit the CitiZip Fiber Pricing page to select the monthly Data Usage Plan that is Measured Just Right for Your Home.

Once you reply, we will contact you to get the process started. To get started, we need your commitment of interest by supplying the following information:

Our CitiZip Fiber packages include WiFi that blankets your entire home with an easy-to-use app for your to manage and control your own network. We also offer SFN TV Now for your streaming TV pleasure that includes all local channels and exclusivity to Citizens local CCTV20 for local sports and more.

For more information, call one of our knowledgeable Sales Agents today at 540.745-2111 or visit the CitiZip Fiber Pricing page to learn what more you can do with a robust 1 Gbps Fiber Connection.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We are excited to expand our service to deliver Gigabit Internet to your home. Welcome to Gig Country!


Thank you for completing our survey!

Our team will be in touch with you based on project schedules. We look forward to connecting with you!