Use desktop apps to run your Speedtest.

If you’re sure your setup is perfect but you’re still not seeing the Speedtest result you expect, we highly recommend that you download Speedtest.net’s free desktop apps for Windows or MacOS. Many lower performance systems can’t reach 1Gbps via browser tests due to various limitations. Plus desktop apps give you data on jitter and packet loss. This app allows you to keep a history of your speed test and allows you to share your results.

Also, ensure that all other devices are disconnected from the network or offline, or preferably powered down.  Often smartphones and tablets can be running updates even when they are not in use and this can impact speed tests.

We recommend using one of the following speed test sites if you elect not to use the desktop app. Both sites allow picking another server in another city. Keep in mind that the further the distance the more networks your speed test has to cross and that even under the best circumstances that adds latency which impacts ping times, jitter, and speed results.  If you get bad test results to a particular site, try a couple of more, one site might have heavy traffic or a network issue that is impacting the results.

https://speedtest.citizens.coop/  or http://www.speedtest.net/