Sheeptown Road Broadband Survey

Let’s get connected.!

For over 100 years Citizens Telephone Cooperative has been providing communication services to our hometown in Floyd County and surrounding communities. We have built facilities to supply educational services within your area and now, we are ready to expand to homes and businesses that need better broadband.

We are proud of our progress and are exploring expanding our services to the residents in your area.
The question is, do you want our service?

Please respond to demonstrate the need for broadband in your community by July 20, 2023.

Based on your response, Citizens will begin planning to deliver CitiZip Internet to your home or business.

Please take a moment to complete our short survey. We value your feedback and will value you as a customer.

It is our mission is to provide quality service, excellent support, and advanced technology
to the areas we serve.

Thank you!

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