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Streaming TV is simply watching television content over the Internet. The newer way to access network programming other than traditional cable or over-the-air (aerial) TV systems is called streaming. SFN TV Now powered by Citizens is a streaming TV service using the Internet. The best part about SFN TV Now is that it will not count against your Citizens Fiber Data Plans.

Access to Citizens' Internet connection is needed to stream SFN TV Now content.

Devices with internet access such as Tablets, iOS and Android SmartPhones, Smart TV's that allow downloaded apps, streaming devices, and laptops.

Yes. The SFN TV Now App is available for download on some SmartTVs. If your TV is not compatible, you will need a media player. You can also download the App to tablets, laptops, and SmartPhones.

SFN TV Now powered by Citizens can be streamed on up to 5 devices simultaneously. Contact Citizens to increase the number of devices on your account.

1 account for up to 5 or more devices. No need for separate logins.

Yes. Just like watching any other streaming source

Yes, you can record while watching

No limit. The only limit is the number of devices in use which is 5. Contact Citizens to increase the number of devices on your account.

No limit of recording time. Content is stored in the Cloud to watch within 7 days.

No limit


7 days

For the best viewing experience, we recommend watching SFN TV Now on your Citizens home Internet connection where your data is not counted again your Citizens Usage Plan.

Viewing experience may differ and charges may apply for viewing off of Citizens Internet service.

No on demand viewing options


Unless FCC laws change, SFN TV Now streaming data will NOT count against your Citizens Data Usage Plan.



Cancel within the first seven days to avoid any charge. Cancel anytime, appropriate charges will apply.

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Some channel numbers will change. Local Channels numbers will remain the same. For more information check out our channel guides