Terms of Service


This is your copy of “Citizens Service Agreement” between Citizens' Telephone Cooperative, Inc., and/or Cablevision Inc., and/or Selectec, Inc. hereafter either independently or jointly referred to as “Citizens”, and you as a customer of Citizens. Please keep it for your records. Allowing Citizens to install its services indicates your acceptance of these terms and accordingly they will be legally binding on you.

  • I will receive installation and equipment at no charge from Citizens in return for keeping Citizens’ service for the selected term. I understand that if I disconnect my service for any reason, I will be billed for any equipment and billed a prorated Early Term Fee to cover installation/activation that I received free of charge. Standard rates and fees apply.
  • I will receive discounted pricing in a Citizens bundle by fulfilling the term of this agreement. I understand if I decline renewal, a la carte pricing will apply.
  • If I choose not to enter into a contract, I understand that installation fees will apply.

This contract is non-transferable and is unavailable in conjunction with any other promotion. Offer is subject to change without notice. Customer must maintain services throughout the subscribed term. After the original term is met, discount pricing will continue until there is a change in the subscribed service.

EQUIPMENT:  Customer acknowledges that any equipment provided by Citizens is the property of Citizens, unless Customer enters into a separate written agreement to buy it, and makes full payment of the stated price. Customer agrees not to damage or misuse Citizens equipment and to return it to Citizens when Service is terminated, in the same condition as when installed, reasonable wear and tear accepted, and in reusable condition, consistent with any requirement of law. If there is a separate written agreement for equipment purchase or lease, that agreement governs the Customer’s rights with respect to such equipment. Should equipment be destroyed by customer, the customer is held accountable for full cost of equipment.

Equipment Cost
Standard Definition Set-Top Box $125.00 Remote $10.00
High Definition Set-Top Box $125.00 Modem (DSL) $95.00
Personal Video Recorder (SD or HD) $300.00 Surge Protector $25.00
Fiber ONT/Modem $300.00 Battery Backup $50.00

**Equipment used for Internet service may vary based on delivery method and connection with other Citizens’ service (i.e. Video equipment). Additional fees may be required based upon a composite credit score of 650 and under.

NONSTANDARD INSTALLATION: * Nonstandard installation includes services performed outside of Standard Installation and after initial install; fishing walls, running and pulling wire, etc. Fishing of additional walls, where possible, $80.00 per hour plus material costs. Additional outlets may be installed after initial installation at a rate of $99.00 per outlet.

VALUE ADDED SERVICES: Citizens offers Valued Added Service to enhance the use of your Citizens products:

  • Plume Premium WiFi: available for fiber to customers who want to manage their WiFi access in their home from the HomePass app. The cost is  $9.95/month, for two Pods; each additional Pod is $4.95/month. Plume gives control with Parental Control, Online Protection, Cyber Security, and Safety Alerts. Plume is adaptive connectivity designed for your life. No monthly contract is required.
  • SFN TV Now powered by Citizens: is a streaming TV App recommended for fiber and cable modem services. No monthly contract is required. Three packages are available at competitive monthly pricing: Essentials $29.95, Ultimate $79.95, Premium $99.95.
  • Unlimited Long Distance** can be added to any residential landline, digital phone service, Requires 12-month commitment. Broken commitment will result in retroactive billing to non-discount price.
  • Notify Plus App: Replace a Call Tree with Notify Plus only $9.99 a month. Call, Text, Email from this convenient App. Requires Citizens landline or digital phone service.
  • Citizens Medical Alert: Discounts available with bundled services. Consumers responsibility to update contact form and information as necessary.
  • Access control and surveillance solutions available for business. See Citizens for details and site evaluation. DCJS #11-9804.
  • Rapid Response: All customers are a priority to us and our standards are to restore everyone as soon as possible. Phone and Internet services may be needed to run a business or to work from home. When there is a service outage due to inclement weather, natural disaster, or other unforeseen circumstances that deem restoration to be a priority for your business, home office, etc., you can ensure faster restoration with a Rapid Response Plan. Special first year offer is $30 per month. (Standard monthly price $50).
  • Wire Maintenance Plan: Avoid additional charges for repairs that are not covered on leased equipment repairs. A site evaluation is required. $2.50 per month. Replace wiring fees may apply to meet Citizens standards.

E911 ADDRESS INFORMATION: It is the mission of Citizens to provide you with quality service, excellent support and advanced technology. While your primary residence is listed as your E911 address in our records, Citizens strongly suggests that you contact the local E911 Office at 540-745-9359 to obtain a separate address for any barns, garages or dwellings that contain a phone line to ensure your safety. By obtaining a separate E911 address for additional phone lines located on your property, emergency services will know exactly where to respond when 911 is called in the case of an emergency. Once an E911 address is assigned, please contact Citizens at 540-745-2111 to update your account records. Citizens has the right to refuse to maintain any line that is run from the NID to a separate structure on the property other than lines installed by Citizens. Lines installed by anyone other than Citizens will be indistinguishable from the primary residence for E911 purposes.

DELINQUENT ACCOUNT POLICY : All accounts/services are in default if they are unpaid at 30 days after the due date. If contracts are in default or otherwise breached, then the contract penalty will be billed. If there is returnable equipment for the service it will be billed to the customer when they are disconnected. Once that equipment is returned, the Customer's bill will be credited back for that amount. Any default of contract(s), customer agreement(s), or failure to pay for services rendered shall give us the right to proceed to terminate the agreement(s), contract(s), or service(s) and to exercise all other rights and remedies as provided by law. Customer agrees that, in such event, Customer shall be obligated to pay Citizens' reasonable collection expenses which may include but not be limited to, court costs, collection fees which are charged by our the Company at such time as the account is turned over to said collection agency, and attorney’s fees of twenty-five (25) percent on any unpaid balance at such time as the account is turned over to an attorney for collection. Customer further agrees that all collection fees as mentioned herein shall not be deemed to be in the nature of a penalty for default, but instead shall be deemed to be liquidated damages. It is understood that said account will accrue interest until paid in full in accordance with Code of Virginia and Federal Statutes. *Additional charges are covered under the Code of Virginia, Section 6.2-311. Charges by sellers of goods or services; Section 6.2-301; Legal rate of interest; and under Federal Statutes, 15 U.S.C. 1601, et seq

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your Citizens residential or business service, simply return your equipment and deactivate service within 30 days of installation and activation to avoid early termination fees and to receive a full refund*. Purchases made by cash will be refunded by cash if returned within the same business day. Purchases made by check will be refunded by a refund check. Purchases made by a credit/debit card will be refunded to a credit/debit card. Credit or debit cards must be present at the time of refund. Check refunds will be sent to the original account holder within six (6) to eight (8) weeks of return.

*Excludes installation, activation, and construction costs.

By subscribing to, using, and/or paying for any Citizens Service(s), I agree to the charges, fees and Terms & Conditions citizens.coop/terms set forth in this Agreement and am legally bound by its terms.