Rapid Response Plan

Citizens understands that your communication services are valuable to you. We realize that you need  our phone and/or Internet services to run your business, to work from home, and a number of other reasons. When there is a service outage due to inclement weather, natural disaster, or other unforeseen circumstances, you require immediate restoration.

All customers are a priority to us and our service standards are to restore everyone as soon as possible. Should restoration be a priority to your business, home office, etc, you can ensure faster restoration with a Rapid Response Plan.

Standard Restoration

Rapid Response

SLA Response

Physician Prescribed Restoration OR Paid Rapid Response Standard with Business Ethernet services
 Price No Charge to customers Standard monthly pricing: $50; Special Offer: $30 a month for 1st year Custom Designed Plan & Price.
Response Time on-site within 24 hours Respond & on-site within 4 hours Custom Designed Plan
Hours 8a-7p Sun - Sat (including holidays) 6a - 11p Sun - Sat (including holidays) 24/7, 365 Sun - Sat
Applicable Services Complete outage any service Phone, Internet, Home Security Business Ethernet
Contact Number 1-800-741-9525 Dedicated Hot Line Dedicated Hot Line

*Potential Trip Charge may apply if issue is unrelated to Citizens equipment

Not available in all areas. Not required for medical necessity phone service or Citizens Medical Alert. For complete Terms & Conditions, visit https://citizens.coop/terms/. 24-hour restoration barring unforeseen circumstances.

Restoration attempts during inclement weather with adequate access to customer premise. Responsibility of customer to clear drive and pathway to premise. Standard charges will apply for customer owned network/equipment issues. Service restoration applies to NID (Network Interface Device) and Citizens owned CPE (customer premise equipment) and for supported Home Security products sold by Citizens. In order to restore internet dependent services, power at the premise is required.