Professional Engineering RFP Contract Awarded

Contract Awarded:

The contract for the Professional Engineering RFP has been negotiated and executed. The bids were very equal overall for the work to be performed; in the end it came down to price. The lowest bidder was selected and has entered into a contract with that price locked, barring any major changes to the project.

Thompson & Litton, Inc. was awarded the contract.

List of Firms that Responded to RFP:

  • Anderson & Associates, Inc.
  • Beacon Solutions Group
  • InfoTech Enterprises America, Inc.
  • KCI Technologies, Inc.
  • McCall-Thomas Engineering Company, Inc.
  • Mid-South Consulting Engineers, Inc.
  • ONUG Communications, Inc.
  • OPTICA Engineering Group, Inc.
  • Palmetto Engineering & Consulting, LLC
  • RJE Telecom, LLC
  • Thompson & Litton, Inc.

Note: This list is in alphabetical order and does not reflect the order of the RFP bid numbers

RFP bids:

Ranged from $821,711.83 to $2,008,129.00 with an average of $1,280,040.77