Let’s Try to Get Back to Normal January 1st.

Citizens strives to be the best Internet provider and community partner we can be. We wanted to help you during the uncertain times of COVID by increasing your Gigabit Usage Plan.  We hope that you found it helpful for you to work at home, to complete schoolwork, or to simply provide additional entertainment during the Stay At Home order.

While you will continue to receive the increased usage tier through December 31, 2020 for no additional cost, we will adjust your plan beginning January 1, 2021 to your originally subscribed plan. We want you to enjoy the experience of Gigabit fiber.

Therefore, for accurate billing, if you want to keep the increased Usage Plan, please email us at customercare@citizens.coop or call our office at 745.2111 or 276.637.6485.

Remember, you can change your plan at any time as your needs change. At no point will we throttle your speed or interrupt your service. If you exceed your Usage Plan, we will simply add $5 per 50GB  of use.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.  Please reply by Tuesday, December 15th if you want to keep the increased Usage Plan tier.

In addition, if you need a mask, Citizens has KN95 masks available. Please visit our drive-thru or contact our office. Limit 2 per household, please.

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