What You Need To Know About Your Citizens Service(s) Installation

Your Customer Care Associate will schedule an installation date and time.  Your Citizens Technician will arrive during the first hour of your Install Window. Due to the complex nature of installations and the possibility of unforeseen obstacles, please plan on the install process to last for the entire morning or afternoon.

Prepare for your installation in advance:

  1. Make certain that someone 18 years of age or older is at the residence at the beginning of the scheduled Arrival Window. This person is required to be present during the entire installation process. This person must know the layout of the home, have an understanding of the location(s) of your devices and be able to make decisions about the installation that may possibly include approving drilling and cabling locations.
  2. Plan where your TV, computer, and phones will be located.  Make sure that the devices are within the home at the planned location; plugged in and working properly.
  3. Make certain that any existing outlets that are to be used are accessible to the Technician.
  4. Secure all pets that may bite or otherwise impede the technician’s access to required areas.
  5. Be sure that all personal property/furniture (i.e. entertainment center, TV, shelf unit, desk) is moved at least 3 feet away from the wall where the Technician will be installing the outlet(s).  PLEASE NOTE: The Technicians are not permitted to move furniture, mount TVs, unbox and install customer-owned electronic equipment, etc.
  6. The technician will need access to both the inside and outside of your home.  Please make sure all fences and gates are unlocked to allow access to all necessary areas.
  7. Be prepared to assist the Technician by providing WiFi credentials there you provided at the time your order was placed. (store SSID/Username and Password in a safe place)
  8. Download App(s) that compliment your service(s). For streaming TV service, please ensure your device account for non-Citizens equipment is set up and that you have your login information to connect with the streaming service at the time of installation.

When the technician arrives:

  1. Tech will enter your home (wearing mandatory protective boot covers) and perform a pre-installation site walk with you to determine a mutually acceptable installation plan. Once the install plan has been discussed and agreed upon, the Technician will capture all details on the Installation Reference Sheet (IRS) and submit the IRS to you for your review, approval, and initial. The Technician will then proceed with the installation as planned. In most cases, the Tech will mount a new Network Interface Device (NID is a small grey water-tight enclosure) on the exterior of your home/business. All services will be delivered into the home as inconspicuous as possible.
  2. The Technician will then wire the outlet(s) as requested on the order and install the necessary hardware (modem, STB, etc) to provide your TV, Internet, and/or Telephone service(s). During the installation process, the Technician will capture 3 to 4 required photos to document Quality Assurance.
  3. After the installation is complete, the Tech will test all equipment to ensure all services are functioning properly and educate you on the use of each service.
  4. Upon your complete satisfaction, the Technician will present the completed IRS form for your final approval and signature. A copy of this document and the job QA photos will be emailed to you for your record.

The equipment provided for your Service(s) is the property of Citizens.  Upon termination, this equipment must be returned to Citizens.  The fees for non-returned equipment are listed in the Terms and Conditions document.