Citizens Small Business Bundle is the perfect solution for a small or in-home business. Citizens Small Business Bundle includes local telephone service, 1.5Mbps Internet and over 200 channels with Citizens Crest TV package. Customize your service to suite your business. Add Long Distance, Calling Features and increase Internet speed for a minimal cost. Let Citizens design a Small Business Bundle to meet your needs.

Unlimited Long Distance for Business

Single Line $39.99
Multi Line $39.99
Each Additional Line $19.99

For business use. Unlimited calling to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. Requires Citizens local or digital phone service and Citizens Long Distance. For direct-dialed domestic voice calls. Not intended for data use. Citizens reserves the right to immediately suspend, restrict, bill usage charges, or cancel service without prior notice if Citizens determines that usage is not consistent with business customer voice usage.

Advantage Calling Feature Bundle $5
Ultimate Calling Feature Bundle $10

Business CitiZip

5MB Internet
Business Broadband Facts
10MB Internet
Business Broadband Facts
25MB Internet
Business Broadband Facts
50MB Internet
Business Broadband Facts
100MB Internet**
Business Broadband Facts

+Business Phone qualifies for Business Internet pricing

*Business is defined as a non residential dwelling or Multi-tenant location where selling to owner/property manager will be considered Business services.

**Not available in all areas

Business Telephone Only

Individual Line by Exchange

Alum Ridge 763 $51.50
Ballard 593 $42.88
Floyd 745 $33.90
Locust Grove 651 $42.33
Willis 789 $33.90

Measured Rate All Exchanges $25.25

DSL Business Internet

1.5 Mbps Internet $39.95
3 Mbps Internet $59.95
6 Mbps Internet $79.95

To sign up for small business service call 540-745-2111