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What's the Right Amount of Data for Your Home?

Families have trusted Citizens to provide Quality Service, Excellent Support, and Advanced Technology for over 100 years. We are known for pioneering services that connect people and communities. As your local Cooperative, we are building the infrastructure for the future generations and bringing the newest Internet technology to your door. As unique as every snowflake and thumbprint, so is your data use. For this reason, we are throwing away traditional Internet plans based on ‘speeds’ and opening up a way for you to get the fastest speeds and only pay for the data you and your family need. No two homes are alike. Therefore, Citizens lets you customize your service by selecting the Internet Data Plan that best meets your needs. But don't worry. If you use more data than your subscribed plan, your service will not be interrupted. A charge of $5 per 50 GB increment will be added to your monthly invoice. You can adjust your plan at any time. For example, if you know that you are having guests in to stay this summer and anticipate additional devices that will use data, you can increase your plan for a month OR you can simply pay the overages.  You have the flexibility to change plans as your needs change..

Use our Data Calculator to estimate your monthly data usage so you can choose the best plan for you!

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All Plans at Blazing 1Gbps Speed!

"Usage-Based Internet is all about offering Data Plans that meet the needs of our customers. In fact, 90% of our customers use less than 250 GB per month. Only a little over 2% of our customers use over 500 GB per month. It is about options and providing quality service for all the devices in the home."

- Greg Sapp, General Manager

CitiZip Fiber 4 TB

Up to 4 TB Usage

  • Basic Web Browsing
  • Streaming Audio
  • Online Gaming (live game play)
  • Uploading High Resolution Pics
  • Streaming SD Video
  • Streaming HD Video
  • Uploading High Def Video
  • Heavy 4k Streaming