Regulatory Opt-Out CPNI Notice

Federal regulations permit Citizens Telephone Cooperative and its subsidiaries to use information about your telecommunications services to recommend other categories of products and services to you unless you notify us otherwise. This applies to information about telecommunications services you buy from Citizens including the types of services you receive, how much you use them, how we provide them to you, and calling/billing records. From time to time, Citizens will use this information to offer you valuable new and additional services, including packages or bundles containing both Citizens Telephone Cooperative and subsidiary products and services.

This information will be used by only those companies now or in the future that design, market, sell, or assist in the design, marketing, or sale of (1) Citizens Telephone Cooperative communications-related services or (2) Citizens Cablevision subsidiaries communications-related services sold as part of a package or bundle with Citizens Telephone Cooperative communications-related services, including our agents, authorized sales representatives, joint venture partners/participants, and independent contractors, or companies that provide, design, market or assist in the design, marketing or sale of any services described at the beginning of this paragraph.

Citizens will protect the confidentiality of this information regardless of whether you approve or disapprove of the uses described in this Notice. Under Federal Law, you have the right to have your account treated confidentially and to restrict our use of this information and Citizens has a duty to protect the confidentiality of that information.

If you wish to opt-out and prohibit our use of this information as described in this notice, complete and return the form below. Your request will be filed within 30 days of receipt. Your Opt-Out to no longer receive marketing materials and special offers, will not affect the provision of any services to which you subscribe. Non-receipt gives your approval for Citizens to use this information and for you to receive such materials. Your approval or Opt-Out for the use of CPNI outside of the service to which you already subscribe will remain valid for two years or until you revoke or limit the approval or Opt-Out. Expires 2026.

I have read this Opt-Out CPNI Notice and Do Not approve of the proposed use of CPNI for the customer account specified below. I choose NOT to receive marketing information from Citizens. If you want to receive Citizens’ marketing information, do not return this form. NO ACTION IS NECESSARY.

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By clicking Submit, I have read and agree to Citizens Terms & Conditions Service Agreement. ( I am at least 18 years old. Opt-Out Expiration: 2026